Our Clients Say

Upon returning to Spencer Stuart Canada after several years in our Asia Pacific offices, I looked to Top Button to develop a personal brand proposition that would help me re-enter a competitive marketplace with intent. Quick to grasp a complex category, Top Button framed my go-to-market strategy, delivered the insights and focus that galvanized my efforts, and made the value of my offering abundantly clear to board and CEO audiences.

Jeff Hauswirth
C-Suite and Senior Executive Recruiter, Spencer Stuart

Top Button delivers a master class on how a big strategic insight can be explained in a simple, accessible idea that has great power and allure. Beyond selling the value of executive coaching and organizational development consulting, Top Button positioned Elevate as the unique, must-have component of the equation.

Barbara Morris-Blake
President, Elevate Organizations

Fresh TV is a world-leading family entertainment producer. As president, I am continually reassessing our rapidly changing marketplace. I have turned to Top Button repeatedly to help us define and refine our brand’s unique, enduring appeal. Top Button’s analytical, strategic and creative approach have been invaluable in helping us see and present our business in a whole new light.

Tom McGillis
President, FreshTV

Pat’s work speaks directly to his talent and capabilities. This is one very solid creative guy. Our agency reel is better because of him. Atop his creative prowess is one funny individual whose insight and observational skills almost always lead to laughter. Doing amazing work and busting a gut along the way, who doesn’t want that?

Andrew Bruce,
CEO, Publicis Communications North America

I’ve had the opportunity to work with Katherine for nearly two decades and wholeheartedly recommend her as having one of the most insightful strategic minds of anyone I’ve worked with. Katherine has a unique gift of being able to transfer her insights into powerful copy and thought provoking articles that makes her invaluable in strategic and creative leadership settings.

Stephan Argent
President, The Argedia Group

Katherine and Top Button were fundamental in our ability to conquer the challenge of building and launching a new platform. Beyond being a treasure and inspiration to work with, Katherine’s innovative approach to storytelling and communication truly made a difference in our ability to design editorial content and strategies that resonated with our audiences. From both the brand positioning and the editorial standpoint, her guidance and management provided valuable perspective and direction on every step of our challenging journey.

Sarah Bobas
VP, Content + Creative Strategy, Jones Media

Pat fully immerses himself in the client’s business, quickly gaining a deep understanding and, more importantly, a perspective on the broader business, competitive and category context. And once he has that, he bangs out idea after idea that stands out, makes clients a bit uncomfortable (in the right way) and backs them up with sound, strategic rationale. On top of that, he’s got loads of energy, great boardroom presence and a tell-it-like-it-is attitude that makes the people that matter, listen.

Roy Gruia
Group Account Director, Zula Alpha Kilo

During the years Katherine worked with IKEA, our exposure to the media and innovative personality took on a whole new dimension. Thinking outside the box while respecting IKEA values, Katherine delivered time and time again, blending the IKEA spirit of simplicity, humility and innovation with Canadian values and trends.

Laurence Martocq
PR Manager, IKEA Canada