The unexpected, irresistible perk your company can offer its star players

Preferred stock options, expense account, gym membership, plum parking spot and…a personal brand builder?

It wouldn’t surprise us if, in the not too distant future, ‘personal brand building’ becomes the Cadillac perk that progressive companies everywhere weave into their executive hiring and retention strategies. Given the ever-growing appetite for thought leadership in a post-powerpoint world, perhaps it is starting to happen already.

A personal brand builder – aka an ace communicator who works with top-tier talent to craft timely and insightful articles, video scripts, and social media posts (right down to the tweets) – is a win-win proposition.

For the executive, the appeal is clear: an opportunity to create or enhance her leadership persona via a sustained, thoughtfully articulated body of work that showcases who she is, how she thinks, and what she stands for. The ultimate ‘big picture’ perk, personal brand building becomes the gift that keeps giving as the recipient makes her mark on your organization and the industry at large.

For the organization, the upside is equally compelling. Sharing the perspectives, observations and expertise of your most insightful talent with the world creates a halo effect for your company, increasing its visibility, authority and influence in real time. And let us not forget the internal benefits. Thought leadership – whether in the form of articles, posts or video – is a channel that exposes ALL your employees to the workings and priorities of the organization, promoting awareness, understanding, respect and cohesion between different departments and verticals.

Nothing says ‘we want you to join our company’ like a parking spot next to the elevator. Nothing says ‘a measure of our success is your success’ like the executive perk that proves it.

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